Symbol of the Chosen

Siridea'ns Choice

Siridea'ns journey begins.

Sirideán Silver-Leaf is traveling when they come across a strange old man. He convinces the group to go in search for a lost temple and leads the way. On the way they fight a Bulette and Sirideán Silver-Leaf straight up murders its guts out. Then they find the temple and Sirideán Silver-Leaf discover a way in. He goes through each arch way to discover one hall is covered in runes that pushed him out using and magic. The center hall held a summon rune. The third was covered in writings, ancient writings. The old man informed him that this was the language of creation and closely linked to magic, as well as long since been lost. He went into the center hall and slayed a strange tentacle beast. On the other side of the hall he retrieved an amulet of Gravitas and and found some books in the room. One contained the language of creation. Then he used the amulet you walk through the wind hall on the left and found a scroll containing both common and the language of creation, but it appears incomplete. He also finds a strange dagger with a jewel, which he recognizes as a high quality absorption jewel. In the last of the three halls, the language of creation writings glow and build energy, which proceeds to attack him. He takes some damage and then uses the dagger to absorb the energy. The he find the Rune Stone and has a vision. Once out of the temple he is betrayed by the old man who destroys his caravan because he ran. Sirideán Silver-Leaf Killed him with the now charged dagger, releasing its energy. Continuing his journey he failed the first Test of chance, but was given two more in order to prove his worth. Then he went into the Blood Wood and found the Old Fort. There he found the alter inside. Holding the stone against it he saw the alter as it was. The stone was carved into a lamb with the body of a lion and a strange symbol on it.

Then he went into the portal


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