Symbol of the Chosen



I lay resting in the lost forest with my wolf when a man I recognize runs by me. Chasing him is a giant serpent with legs tucked underneath him. I run to where the giant serpent has cornered the man. Having the high ground I jump on the serpent’s head and shoot two arrows in its skull. The man is a thief I used to know. He had a hit placed on him after steeling valuable items. He asked for my protection and I complied. He took me to his guild in the Thornflower clan. One of the items he had stolen was a rock with a symbol on it. After touching it the symbol appeared on my hand. I then vanquished 5 men attempting to assassinate my friend. So we killed them. I left with the stone it drawing me to the Blood Wood where I found the great tree I saw in my vision.


coop9538 brad_nickle2

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