Symbol of the Chosen

Borin's Calling

Borins journey begins.

Borin was at his forge when he felt a tug deep within himself. Curious, he delved deep into the mountains and discovered a stone with a symbol upon it. Upon touching it the symbol was burned into his hand and he had a vision. When he awoke, the chamber was collapsing. He rushed back to safety and his forge, feeling the tug once more. He felt lead to a forest he believed to be in the Elven lands. After telling the clan leaders of his departure he left. On the road he met a caravan of traders and agreed to travel with them. Along the way they were attacked by ten Bugbears. Borin attacked first, surrounded by four of the thieves. He swung his mighty axe, Foehammer, deep into the chest plate of its first victim, giving it the taste of blood. Spinning he jabbed with the spear point of the weapon, but only grazed one of them. Then the monsters returned in kind, Far more poorly however. Not one of them landed a blow on the deft dwarf as he dodged and parried. Thinking his enemies to be more stupid then he could have hoped, Borin taunted them. He was right. In their anger the foolish thieves hit each other, some killing their comrades. With a great war cry Borin was down to the last six. He swung low at the one before him, lopping off his legs and finishing the creature with a jab in the eye. Then One of the creatures attacked. He landed a blow upon Borins shoulder with his morning star. However, this proved unwise. Borin stood dangerously still and with a growl only a dwarf can give, turned. His battle axe hung in one hand as he glared up into the eyes of his new target. “Now i’m MAD” He cried, twisting around and slashing the morning star away he stabbed the BugBear in his center. Sensing Another behind him he ducked and slid around, staying low. The Bugbear cried out as his conrad stabbed through his heart instead of the dwarfs. Taking the opportunity, Borin slashed at the back of his new attackers legs, bringing him down, and lopped off his head. With two left, Borin attacked. The next victim raised his shield, but Foehammer slider though it, going deep into his arm. The last unharmed Bugbear ran for his life as his injured friend swung at Borin. The dwarf caught the swing and for the morning star away form his hand. Slowly he drew his battle axe, watching the fear in his enemies eyes, and cleaved his head in two.
So he continued his journey to Lundara. When there he was traveling through the streets when he hears a woman scream. Running to her aid, he found her just to see her get shot in the back with an arrow. He immediately went to protect her, but she took another arrow. Using his stone powers, he healed her and took her to cover. Another arrow was released, but it was blocked by something, causing it to clatter down the street with the sounds of wood and metal hitting stone. Then a body dropped from a nearby roof. Borin went to investigate, but did not find much. When he went back to help the woman, she was gone. So he slept for the night then continued on his journey, following the tug from the stone. He ended up in the Blood Wood, where he encountered the mysterious monster within, but the stone protected him. Deeper in the wood he found an ancient fort and a portal that lead to the Great Tree and an Elf in front of a fire.


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