Bloodstone Axe

Double bladed with a spear head.


Dmg: 1d12 +2
Crit: 18-20 Crit x4

Being made of blood stone, it naturally has some extra benefits.
- 2 to AC when in hand.
- +3 to attack with the Bloodstone Axe.
- Synchronies: Being made of Blood stone the axe triples extra powers given to weapons through stone lord powers. ex: 5th level stone lord adds an extra 1d4 dmg with metallic weapons. WIth the Bloodstone Axe it’s 3d4.
- Namesake: By making the Bloodstone Axe extra magnetic the stone lord can cause the iron in his opponents blood to rise forth. When used the opponent takes an extra 1d4 of bleeding damage and continued to bleed for the stone lords class level of rounds. If the Axe is held in the wound it deals an extra 1d8 for every round the Axe is embedded.
- True Power: This is a selection of abilities that can be done with the Axe. They can all be done, but only up to the stone lords class level of times per day.
-Vibration: The stone lord causes the Axe to vibrate, allowing it to ignore armor and adding a +10 to damage.
-Guided Blade: The stone lord guides his Axe with his powers to a precise strike, guaranteeing a critical hit.
-Blade of Fire: The stone lord uses his power to heat the blades of his Axe, allowing it to deal and extra d6 of fire damage per stone lord level.
-Magnetic Missel: The stone lord uses his power to throw his Axe farther than otherwise possible. It can be thrown up to 60ft and adds an extra +5 to attack and damage within 30ft.
-Calling: The stone lord can call his axe back to him so long as it is within 10 (stone lord class level x 10) of ft.
– Killing Blow: The stone lord can spend rounds charging his magnetic energy into his axe. When released, the spear head shoots off with unbelievable speed. 1d12 of force damage is given per round charged. The spearhead gives a -7 to attack when shot. It also adds +6 piercing damage and ignores armor.


Bloodstone Axe

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