Symbol of the Chosen

The Training part 1

Let the Training Begin

We are given the first task of proving ourselves worthy in battle alone. I’m the first. I face off with a Wood Sprite. I cut it down into 3 pieces. As it fell, 3 more took its place. I scrape my Foehammer across the ground with such force, that the wooden floor sparked with flames, igniting the blade. As it sunk deep into the sprite, embers also were flung onto it. The other two fell to ash soon after the first did. Sirideán followed suit and used scorching ray against his Sprite test, and Elissar turned his into mulch.

Next task was for us to fight one another, one on one. Sirideán and I fought first. We were 80ft apart, he used his Transmogrifist powers to transform into a dragon! He took flight to scorch me from where he stood, but I dodged. He crashed and I used the opportunity to ground him with Earth’s Grip. I attacked his neck, but by doing so, Foehammer became lodged between his scales. After attacking his mid-section, the superiorly weighted dragon sat on me. After fighting my way free from his ginormous body, I start to climb using my battleaxes. He manages to free himself from my Earth’s Grip and begins to take flight to shake me off, but I hold on. He twists and tries to shake me, but I manage to maneuver my way over to my Foehammer and dislodge it. We both plummet and crash into the ground. With quick reflexes I quickly move to the spring board and leap into the air for the final blow.

Neither of our battles with Elissar weren’t nearly as epic as that battle. Most of our battle was me attacking Wolfie because he went invisible, that didn’t go over so well. Then Sirideán turned into a dragon again, but he was quickly subdued by Elissar’s bow.

Now that we’ve seen how we fought by ourselves, and how we would manage against one another, it was time for the final test.


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