Symbol of the Chosen

Siridean pre campaign

In desert found old man old mean lead us into desert fought bulette (chitten armour)
Found temple fell into antechamber old man said it’s a temple for a long forgotten diety once worshipped by all races, temple is dwarven built, 3 archways leading off 1 wind chamber 2 summon craken like monster chaos beast follow hall to room with amulet of gravitas 3 writing in language of creation place of interplanarness use gravitas to wind chamber, room with knife with absorption gem scroll with both common and creation language absorbed energy from room 3 to dagger
Found runestone blue with white streaks had vision saw white light in a dark room eveil presence woman in royal clothing cry over small body guy in black cloak/hood looking into darkness looking troubled. Saw massive tower in desert almost larger than life. in white thing in front of light. Disimbodied voice says save the world or everyone will die. Came out of vision, and back to the outside of the temple. Old man challenged to fight stupidly used spells until remembering the dagger used energy against old old man blew to little tiny pieces obtained fireball staff caravan esploded in battle saw light light on the horizon followed to silver leaf territory. Some people look at me in disdain because the don’t recognize me. Hit road see little girl w/ dagger covered in blood running towards me. Stop the kid find woman dead stabbed multiple times find a note attached to body bill of sale slavery-woman. Left, failed test. verbally Smacked around by celestial being lost stone. Found man stuck on side of road helped him by shapeshifting and turning into half giant and moving cart man terrified and threw cabbages left. Failed second test. Celestial being verbally smacked me around gave lesson on the importance of choice given stone back as a second chance, entered bloodwood made it to the center past all the dead bodies being came and went. Mate it to fort in the middle of the wood found an altar. Stumbled around found a passage hidden in the wall bumped into something chest high.


coop9538 supernerd64

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