Symbol of the Chosen

Day 1 the great tree

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Simple meet and greet at the great tree. (DM) racism is present. Notice its odd. eating together. We walk to the back of the tree see 3 symbols in black with hand prints same symbol. touch tree great sound the tree opens to an organic opening. see top of stairs. lights blindness enter chamber with 3 doorways symbol touches the center door way. walk through the center doorway. enter great chamber that looks like it climbs to the top. Solomon greetings chosen greetings to all to Borin holder of the stone of calling bound by duty Elissar stone of chance morality Siridean bearer of stone of choice circumstance. You three are the chosen picked by the being of all being as representatives of the world there are beings of great power 3 representative are picked and their actions dictate how things are go. We are all called to take care of the darkness our decisions make or break. along our path we will come across some of these beings of power in order to reach our potential we need help. before all the alters are 9 pillars represent Elissar-Meria, Borin-Raxis Siridean-Katia, stone weapon and armor history of the chosen in the dessert land tower of test without items and powerful help and support can’t stop evil the servant, his master the betrayer, ending the world we must help the guidance defeat them. training begins,

Borin fights
a sprit forms out of the tree, tree sprit, Drops shield attacks twice most damage possible,
Against multiple enemies grabs shield. fought with extreme luck

Siridean fights
smartly sets it on fire, low health

the half-elf and the dwarf walk up to the arena to fight all bets are placed on the dwarf, he confidently draws his axe. The wizard, sere dean takes this opportunity to transform into a massive red dragon in awe the dwarf runs forward hoping to hide behind the 8 foot wall in front of him. The dragon immediately took flight and shot a stream of fire toward the dwarf. The dwarf, Borin jumps out of the way and the great dragon fell to the ground out of poor flying skills. Borin immediately seizes the opportunity to use earths grip to hold the dragon in place the dragon struggles to be free but the grip is strong. Borin runs forward and uses his foe hammer and strikes down the dragon. Borin then takes his battle axe and swings it twice into the dragons neck. The dragon tries to shake free but fails again. the dragon then bounces his fire off the pillar and makes the dwarf fall off his neck. the dwarf then runs under the beast with his axe. The dragon sat on Borin. Borin then hacks into the dragons underbelly ultimately escaping and attempting to cut into the dragons side he is burned by the dragons fire. the dwarf then climbs onto the dragon and retrieves his foe hammer. the Dragon finally breaks free from the ground and takes flight. borin attacks the dragon again. The dragon flips upside down to fall on borin however borin escapes most the damage. but is tossed into a wall and dazed the dragon then doused the dwarf in fire. Borin then runs to a spring bored located in the room and bounces onto the dragon and hits him with his ax. killing the dragon.


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