Symbol of the Chosen

Borin - The Quest

Adventure log 2

As I pass through the portal, I see the great tree. At the base of the tree, I saw an elf with an enormous wolf. Suddenly, another person bumped into me. The elf is Elissar and the mystery person Siride├ín. After hearing the tales of how we each got to the tree, we searched around it for clues to what is next. We found three hand indentions on the tree, each with the symbol above it. We place our hands inside the indentions and the tree opened up to a staircase leading down into the tree. After being blinded by Siri and tumbling down the stairs, we came to a chamber with three doors, the middle door had the symbol above it, so we went through that one. We were met by an old man, known as Solomon, and he told us about our stones. I had the Stone of Calling – bound by duty. Eli was given the Stone of Chance – bound by morality. Siri was given the Stone of Choice – bound by circumstance. Solomon also told us that we were The Chosen – beings chosen by The Nine Spirits as their champions against an evil force known as The Betrayer and his underling The Servant. We can only defeat them with the help of one of the Nine as a Spirit Companion and their armor and weapon. I chose Raxis, Eli chose Meria, and chose Katia. But before we could set off to find these items, we had to prove ourselves worthy on the training room floor.


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