Symbol of the Chosen

The Training part 1
Let the Training Begin

We are given the first task of proving ourselves worthy in battle alone. I’m the first. I face off with a Wood Sprite. I cut it down into 3 pieces. As it fell, 3 more took its place. I scrape my Foehammer across the ground with such force, that the wooden floor sparked with flames, igniting the blade. As it sunk deep into the sprite, embers also were flung onto it. The other two fell to ash soon after the first did. Sirideán followed suit and used scorching ray against his Sprite test, and Elissar turned his into mulch.

Next task was for us to fight one another, one on one. Sirideán and I fought first. We were 80ft apart, he used his Transmogrifist powers to transform into a dragon! He took flight to scorch me from where he stood, but I dodged. He crashed and I used the opportunity to ground him with Earth’s Grip. I attacked his neck, but by doing so, Foehammer became lodged between his scales. After attacking his mid-section, the superiorly weighted dragon sat on me. After fighting my way free from his ginormous body, I start to climb using my battleaxes. He manages to free himself from my Earth’s Grip and begins to take flight to shake me off, but I hold on. He twists and tries to shake me, but I manage to maneuver my way over to my Foehammer and dislodge it. We both plummet and crash into the ground. With quick reflexes I quickly move to the spring board and leap into the air for the final blow.

Neither of our battles with Elissar weren’t nearly as epic as that battle. Most of our battle was me attacking Wolfie because he went invisible, that didn’t go over so well. Then Sirideán turned into a dragon again, but he was quickly subdued by Elissar’s bow.

Now that we’ve seen how we fought by ourselves, and how we would manage against one another, it was time for the final test.

Borin - The Quest
Adventure log 2

As I pass through the portal, I see the great tree. At the base of the tree, I saw an elf with an enormous wolf. Suddenly, another person bumped into me. The elf is Elissar and the mystery person Sirideán. After hearing the tales of how we each got to the tree, we searched around it for clues to what is next. We found three hand indentions on the tree, each with the symbol above it. We place our hands inside the indentions and the tree opened up to a staircase leading down into the tree. After being blinded by Siri and tumbling down the stairs, we came to a chamber with three doors, the middle door had the symbol above it, so we went through that one. We were met by an old man, known as Solomon, and he told us about our stones. I had the Stone of Calling – bound by duty. Eli was given the Stone of Chance – bound by morality. Siri was given the Stone of Choice – bound by circumstance. Solomon also told us that we were The Chosen – beings chosen by The Nine Spirits as their champions against an evil force known as The Betrayer and his underling The Servant. We can only defeat them with the help of one of the Nine as a Spirit Companion and their armor and weapon. I chose Raxis, Eli chose Meria, and chose Katia. But before we could set off to find these items, we had to prove ourselves worthy on the training room floor.

Day 1 the great tree
i will revise shortly

Simple meet and greet at the great tree. (DM) racism is present. Notice its odd. eating together. We walk to the back of the tree see 3 symbols in black with hand prints same symbol. touch tree great sound the tree opens to an organic opening. see top of stairs. lights blindness enter chamber with 3 doorways symbol touches the center door way. walk through the center doorway. enter great chamber that looks like it climbs to the top. Solomon greetings chosen greetings to all to Borin holder of the stone of calling bound by duty Elissar stone of chance morality Siridean bearer of stone of choice circumstance. You three are the chosen picked by the being of all being as representatives of the world there are beings of great power 3 representative are picked and their actions dictate how things are go. We are all called to take care of the darkness our decisions make or break. along our path we will come across some of these beings of power in order to reach our potential we need help. before all the alters are 9 pillars represent Elissar-Meria, Borin-Raxis Siridean-Katia, stone weapon and armor history of the chosen in the dessert land tower of test without items and powerful help and support can’t stop evil the servant, his master the betrayer, ending the world we must help the guidance defeat them. training begins,

Borin fights
a sprit forms out of the tree, tree sprit, Drops shield attacks twice most damage possible,
Against multiple enemies grabs shield. fought with extreme luck

Siridean fights
smartly sets it on fire, low health

the half-elf and the dwarf walk up to the arena to fight all bets are placed on the dwarf, he confidently draws his axe. The wizard, sere dean takes this opportunity to transform into a massive red dragon in awe the dwarf runs forward hoping to hide behind the 8 foot wall in front of him. The dragon immediately took flight and shot a stream of fire toward the dwarf. The dwarf, Borin jumps out of the way and the great dragon fell to the ground out of poor flying skills. Borin immediately seizes the opportunity to use earths grip to hold the dragon in place the dragon struggles to be free but the grip is strong. Borin runs forward and uses his foe hammer and strikes down the dragon. Borin then takes his battle axe and swings it twice into the dragons neck. The dragon tries to shake free but fails again. the dragon then bounces his fire off the pillar and makes the dwarf fall off his neck. the dwarf then runs under the beast with his axe. The dragon sat on Borin. Borin then hacks into the dragons underbelly ultimately escaping and attempting to cut into the dragons side he is burned by the dragons fire. the dwarf then climbs onto the dragon and retrieves his foe hammer. the Dragon finally breaks free from the ground and takes flight. borin attacks the dragon again. The dragon flips upside down to fall on borin however borin escapes most the damage. but is tossed into a wall and dazed the dragon then doused the dwarf in fire. Borin then runs to a spring bored located in the room and bounces onto the dragon and hits him with his ax. killing the dragon.

Siridean pre campaign

In desert found old man old mean lead us into desert fought bulette (chitten armour)
Found temple fell into antechamber old man said it’s a temple for a long forgotten diety once worshipped by all races, temple is dwarven built, 3 archways leading off 1 wind chamber 2 summon craken like monster chaos beast follow hall to room with amulet of gravitas 3 writing in language of creation place of interplanarness use gravitas to wind chamber, room with knife with absorption gem scroll with both common and creation language absorbed energy from room 3 to dagger
Found runestone blue with white streaks had vision saw white light in a dark room eveil presence woman in royal clothing cry over small body guy in black cloak/hood looking into darkness looking troubled. Saw massive tower in desert almost larger than life. in white thing in front of light. Disimbodied voice says save the world or everyone will die. Came out of vision, and back to the outside of the temple. Old man challenged to fight stupidly used spells until remembering the dagger used energy against old old man blew to little tiny pieces obtained fireball staff caravan esploded in battle saw light light on the horizon followed to silver leaf territory. Some people look at me in disdain because the don’t recognize me. Hit road see little girl w/ dagger covered in blood running towards me. Stop the kid find woman dead stabbed multiple times find a note attached to body bill of sale slavery-woman. Left, failed test. verbally Smacked around by celestial being lost stone. Found man stuck on side of road helped him by shapeshifting and turning into half giant and moving cart man terrified and threw cabbages left. Failed second test. Celestial being verbally smacked me around gave lesson on the importance of choice given stone back as a second chance, entered bloodwood made it to the center past all the dead bodies being came and went. Mate it to fort in the middle of the wood found an altar. Stumbled around found a passage hidden in the wall bumped into something chest high.


I lay resting in the lost forest with my wolf when a man I recognize runs by me. Chasing him is a giant serpent with legs tucked underneath him. I run to where the giant serpent has cornered the man. Having the high ground I jump on the serpent’s head and shoot two arrows in its skull. The man is a thief I used to know. He had a hit placed on him after steeling valuable items. He asked for my protection and I complied. He took me to his guild in the Thornflower clan. One of the items he had stolen was a rock with a symbol on it. After touching it the symbol appeared on my hand. I then vanquished 5 men attempting to assassinate my friend. So we killed them. I left with the stone it drawing me to the Blood Wood where I found the great tree I saw in my vision.

Borin Pre-Campaign
journey into the mountain

As I was forging a simple pipe from my beloved bloodstone, I felt a tug by the stone around me, urging me to go deeper into the mountain. I traveled for three days and have come to caverns that I’ve never been through. Underground river traveling upriver. There was a spout that led to some other room, so I molded myself a breathing apparatus from stone, and plunged into the spout. As I’m climbing through the spout, I found a stone ramp that led ashore. Bashing open the helmet, I saw what looked to be a large room with a glowing stone in the middle and an alter beside it. Upon examination of the stone, there was a rune place on top of it. As I grabbed for the stone, a burning pain shot up my arm. The rune began glow burn into my hand. The next thing I see is a dark figure coming towards me. Before I could clearly see it, a vision came before me. I was taken to the base of the largest tree I had ever seen, then whisked away to another vision; a woman weeping over a small body. Then a third vision of a man in a hood and covered in darkness. As the visions faded away, I saw a light far off. I moved toward it but was stopped by a voice that said to move to the light is to move towards my own death. The voice went on to say that I have been chosen; chosen to stop a darkness from taking over, to aid those who will help me. Then the room began to crumble, so I took the stone, shot back through the river and headed back to my forge to collect my gear. After consulting with my clan elders. I set off from The Black Mountains towards the elf-lands.

I met up with a caravan of traders in Stonelock and started towards Thalris. On the road, bugbears began attacking my company. I slaughtered all those who seeked to harm my fellow travelers. We made it to Lundara. I was heading to the tavern when I heard a woman shriek. I went to see what the commotion was, and I see a woman running towards me get hit with an arrow. I tried to protect her, but an arrow came from behind me and hit her in the heart. Seconds away from death, I heal her with my Earth’s Blood and get her to cover. Arrows sang by us and clanged on the building walls, curses spat by the shooters. All of the sudden I hear a blade sink into a person, and a body melded out of the shadows. Upon examination, a dagger had pierced this guys spinal cord, paralyzing and killing the man instantly. Arrows stopped flying and I went to the rooftops. I could see no men, but I could feel there were recent foot indention’s on the stones. 2 sets of footprints; the first climbed up to the rooftop, the second was just there. the second pair also made a lighter indention than the first; odd. Feeling puzzled I went to check on the woman, but she vanished, also the lighter footprints appear, but didn’t leave any tracks.

Feeling very tired, I went on to the tavern, talked with the bartender for a bit, and went to sleep dwarven style, and by that I mean with a large empty mug of ale in my hand. I woke up and went to talk with the local smith, and pressed on north. I had a very blunt conversation with an elven guard at the border of the Silver-leaf Clan. He told me where I could find mines for ore. I feel the stone pull at me just as I pass the Bloodwood border. I may not know much about Elven lands, but I know that no one comes out of Bloodwood alive. I trust the protection of my bloodstone, and venture forth into Bloodwood.

Just inside the treeline, a group of human sized stones stand in a curve along the border of the trees. Seeing that it was odd, I pressed forward coming to much larger stones in the same fashion. Magic was placed on these stones and I felt the stones “memories”. Bodies lay sprawled about the forest floor, a blood chilling howl, a blurred figure, then nothing. I move between the stones, seeing the very bodies from the vision. A howl rang through the trees, and a blurry figure came racing towards me. As it came in for a killing blow, the stone from the cave began to glow in my hand and shielded me from the creature. Eventually it gave up and went off. I pressed on, coming up to an ancient fortress. I climbed through a broken portion of a wall and walked to the center. I noticed that there was no gate and anytime I faced where a gate should have been the stone glowed again. I walked toward it and the wall became a silvery liquid. As it turned out it was a portal.

There before me was the biggest tree I have ever seen! It was so massive, even the dwarven structures pale in comparison! At the base of the tree there was a fire, and sitting at the fire was a man with a wolf.

Siridea'ns Choice
Siridea'ns journey begins.

Sirideán Silver-Leaf is traveling when they come across a strange old man. He convinces the group to go in search for a lost temple and leads the way. On the way they fight a Bulette and Sirideán Silver-Leaf straight up murders its guts out. Then they find the temple and Sirideán Silver-Leaf discover a way in. He goes through each arch way to discover one hall is covered in runes that pushed him out using and magic. The center hall held a summon rune. The third was covered in writings, ancient writings. The old man informed him that this was the language of creation and closely linked to magic, as well as long since been lost. He went into the center hall and slayed a strange tentacle beast. On the other side of the hall he retrieved an amulet of Gravitas and and found some books in the room. One contained the language of creation. Then he used the amulet you walk through the wind hall on the left and found a scroll containing both common and the language of creation, but it appears incomplete. He also finds a strange dagger with a jewel, which he recognizes as a high quality absorption jewel. In the last of the three halls, the language of creation writings glow and build energy, which proceeds to attack him. He takes some damage and then uses the dagger to absorb the energy. The he find the Rune Stone and has a vision. Once out of the temple he is betrayed by the old man who destroys his caravan because he ran. Sirideán Silver-Leaf Killed him with the now charged dagger, releasing its energy. Continuing his journey he failed the first Test of chance, but was given two more in order to prove his worth. Then he went into the Blood Wood and found the Old Fort. There he found the alter inside. Holding the stone against it he saw the alter as it was. The stone was carved into a lamb with the body of a lion and a strange symbol on it.

Then he went into the portal

Borin's Calling
Borins journey begins.

Borin was at his forge when he felt a tug deep within himself. Curious, he delved deep into the mountains and discovered a stone with a symbol upon it. Upon touching it the symbol was burned into his hand and he had a vision. When he awoke, the chamber was collapsing. He rushed back to safety and his forge, feeling the tug once more. He felt lead to a forest he believed to be in the Elven lands. After telling the clan leaders of his departure he left. On the road he met a caravan of traders and agreed to travel with them. Along the way they were attacked by ten Bugbears. Borin attacked first, surrounded by four of the thieves. He swung his mighty axe, Foehammer, deep into the chest plate of its first victim, giving it the taste of blood. Spinning he jabbed with the spear point of the weapon, but only grazed one of them. Then the monsters returned in kind, Far more poorly however. Not one of them landed a blow on the deft dwarf as he dodged and parried. Thinking his enemies to be more stupid then he could have hoped, Borin taunted them. He was right. In their anger the foolish thieves hit each other, some killing their comrades. With a great war cry Borin was down to the last six. He swung low at the one before him, lopping off his legs and finishing the creature with a jab in the eye. Then One of the creatures attacked. He landed a blow upon Borins shoulder with his morning star. However, this proved unwise. Borin stood dangerously still and with a growl only a dwarf can give, turned. His battle axe hung in one hand as he glared up into the eyes of his new target. “Now i’m MAD” He cried, twisting around and slashing the morning star away he stabbed the BugBear in his center. Sensing Another behind him he ducked and slid around, staying low. The Bugbear cried out as his conrad stabbed through his heart instead of the dwarfs. Taking the opportunity, Borin slashed at the back of his new attackers legs, bringing him down, and lopped off his head. With two left, Borin attacked. The next victim raised his shield, but Foehammer slider though it, going deep into his arm. The last unharmed Bugbear ran for his life as his injured friend swung at Borin. The dwarf caught the swing and for the morning star away form his hand. Slowly he drew his battle axe, watching the fear in his enemies eyes, and cleaved his head in two.
So he continued his journey to Lundara. When there he was traveling through the streets when he hears a woman scream. Running to her aid, he found her just to see her get shot in the back with an arrow. He immediately went to protect her, but she took another arrow. Using his stone powers, he healed her and took her to cover. Another arrow was released, but it was blocked by something, causing it to clatter down the street with the sounds of wood and metal hitting stone. Then a body dropped from a nearby roof. Borin went to investigate, but did not find much. When he went back to help the woman, she was gone. So he slept for the night then continued on his journey, following the tug from the stone. He ended up in the Blood Wood, where he encountered the mysterious monster within, but the stone protected him. Deeper in the wood he found an ancient fort and a portal that lead to the Great Tree and an Elf in front of a fire.

Pre campaign

Pre campaign is done

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